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What is Bodywisdom Therapy?


with Alicia Swaringen, LMBT, Reiki Master


Honor Your Body Wisdom

By exploring your body's signals, Alicia assists you in developing deep inner attention. Listening intimately to your body's messages will help you resolve inner tension, find relief from pain, and give you the insight and power to make changes in your life. 


Explore your Biography as Biology

Reading your body like a map, Alicia notices clues to your history and personal mythology. She guides you to the roots of your "assemblage points," problem places in your body which represent your unresolved conflicts, personal limits, blocked feelings and self criticism. With support, you will unravel the metaphors of your body symptoms.


Remap your Internal Landscapes

Most of us move our bodies in habitual ways. Correspondingly, our thoughts can become repetitive. And, when we think the same thoughts repeatedly, we react emotionally in limited patterns. Bodywisdom Therapy reveals the connections between our emotions, our thoughts and how we use our bodies. Bringing awareness to these patterns gives you the power to make more dynamic and satisfying choices for your life.


Bodywisdom Therapy works

because it recognizes 

that the mind exists throughout the body.



Alicia Swaringen, LMBT, Reiki Master


Call or email for an appointment:


206 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, NC 



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