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What does a session look like?

The first session, I do an intake for 15 minutes, to get background information. Then, you would lie down on the treatment table. I start with acupressure treatment while leading you through a body scan. After we determine what the body's sensations are, we dive into either a symptom or an issue, and we follow what happens. 


How long are sessions?

Typically one hour, although I have worked longer than that if requested, up to two hours.


What should I wear?

Any clothing that you feel comfortable in works fine. I can do the acpressure through layers, although you might want to limit your layers to one or two. I have blankets if you are cold, as well as pillows to prop you up, if you need some support.


How will I feel afterwards?

Each person is different, however, most people report feeling more relaxed, yet energized. Alot of times, people feel relief, as though they've put down a heavy burden, and inspiration, ready to face the world with newfound passion and confidence.

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