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Client Experiences


"Sessions with Alicia are a wonderful, interactive partnership. Her extraordinary ability to perceive and to follow the energy as it moves in my body allows me to relax, observe and participate fully in my own healing process, thus culturing a new pattern of body awareness and mindfulness that I carry into my daily life. Her unique combination of techniques is profoundly effective."

Kaiara C.


"Alicia worked gently but persistently to help me untie knots of past pain. To ease the process, she brings a great sense of humor." Janice N.


"I always feel lighter, easier, more at home in my skin after a treatment. The troubling stuff doesn't take up so much space in my life anymore. Alicia has such a natural gift for healing that just being around her lightens the heart." 

Cappy D.


"The help that I am given is so deep and rich in its healing results, it's made me more at home in my body. Bodywisdom Therapy has convinced me that if my body is not functioning well, it has a mental and spiritual back story to it. I feel fully met and seen, that no matter how complicated the problem, her perseverance helps me untangle the Gordian knot. I am so grateful that I've found someone like her. As a deep wisdom keeper, she holds the container. Her work is extremely spacious. There isn't anywhere we can't go to find the answers." Samantha E.


"I loved getting massages and doing internal work with 

Bodywisdom Therapy, Alicia Swaringen, LMBT. What a loving nurturing practice!" Sue B.


"Alicia was working with my friend who had cancer, and she developed this fierce self-preservation, standing up for herself and I felt 'I want some of that!' Now I scan what's going on in my body. I find the feeling, which has become integral. It's part of the fabric of the way I check in with myself." J.K.


"I had balled up energy in my hip and wanted to know what it was about emotionally. I discovered through Bodywisdom Therapy that I was angry with someone and I didn't realize how angry I was until I went down into the muscle. The muscle told me I was pissed off. Alicia is the only person I know who can help me find the emotional root of the problem. Now, I know I can communicate with my body. I have ways of tuning in now and asking my body what's going on." Kari J.


"Alicia was the 'midwife' for my adopted daughter. My fears and apprehensions about being a mother got to be unraveled, untangled, teased apart. The emotions got unpacked. We worked with resistance and blocks and uncertainties and integrated my dreambody with my body's personal mythology. I'm initiating more movement from my core. I literally had to walk out of an unproductive workshop and I have quit taking on others' problems. My primary challenge is taking all that ethereal stuff and grounding it, setting up a communication between the thought world and the material world. If we stay in the thought world, nothing happens. When we ground the thoughts, something finally happens. There's conceptual motherhood and there's real motherhood. With Alicia, I experienced the willingness to embrace what's going on and the willingness to observe it and be self-loving. Through self-parenting, keeping a positive, loving regard for yourself, it's an ongoing process." Joan C.


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