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Jin Shin Acupressure 


Like the water in rivers and streams, energy follows major pathways through the body. All along the pathways are little “hollows” where energy collects like water in small pools.These points correspond to biological functions as well as to the emotional chemistry that flows through our blood. Many problems of the body, mind or spirit are connected to points where the energy is either blocked or weak. Holding these points balances emotional states, releasing blockages caused by holding in and holding back, and strengthening weak areas that have been drained and need nourishing.


Blood follows Energy

Energy follows Mind

Mind follows Spirit

Spirit follows the Tao


Acupressure supports healing

on physical, mental and emotional levels. 


If emotions are uncomfortable or distressing, we tend to hold them back, sometimes until we burst. Acupressure points correspond with specific organs in the body and each organ corresponds with certain emotional states. By pressing these points and teaching them to you, Alicia will support you in taking solid steps forward into a healthier future.




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